4 Ways to Maximize the Value of Reviewing Documents

Simple tips to get the most out of your review.
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Biglaw Firm Is Closing Its Doors — See Also syndicated from http://personalinjuryattorneyphiladelphia.blogspot.com/

A federal grand jury has charged the Manhattan truck attack suspect with terrorism and murder

nyc truck attack halloween

  • Sayfullo Saipov, the man accused of killing eight last month in a truck attack in New York City, has been indicted by a federal grand jury.
  • He is charged with murder and attempted murder in the aid of racketeering activity, providing material support to ISIS, and violence and destruction of a motor vehicle.

A federal grand jury has indicted Sayfullo Saipov, the 29-year-old Uzbeki national accused of killing eight and injuring 11 when he rammed a truck into cyclists and pedestrians in lower Manhattan last month.

Saipov faces 22 federal charges, including eight counts of murder in the aid of racketeering activity, 11 counts of attempted murder in the aid of racketeering activity, one count of providing material support and resources to the terrorist group ISIS, and one count of violence and destruction of motor vehicles.

“As alleged in this indictment, Sayfullo Saipov murdered eight innocent people and injured many more in a calculated act of terrorism in the heart of one of our great cities,” Attorney General Jeff Sessions said a statement. “People have a right to safety walking down a sidewalk or riding a bike, and we will not change our resolve to confront these threats both at home and abroad.”

The deadly attack began in the afternoon of October 31, when prosecutors say Saipov drove a rented Home Depot pickup truck onto a busy Manhattan bike lane, veering into his victims and colliding with a school bus before jumping out and brandishing two guns that were later determined by police to be fake.

Sayfullo Saipov, the suspect in the attack. 

St. Charles County Department of Corrections/via REUTERSSaipov was arrested after being shot by a police officer shortly after the crash. He waived his Miranda rights verbally and spoke to law enforcement officials about the attack, according to a criminal complaint released earlier this month.

Saipov admitted to authorities that he wrote a note found near the crashed truck, which was written in Arabic and said the Islamic State would endure forever, according to the complaint.

He said he was was motivated to carry out the attack after watching a video featuring ISIS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi asking what Muslims in the US were doing to respond to the killing of Muslims in Iraq.

Saipov also asked during his interview with authorities if he could display the ISIS flag in his hospital room after the attack. He told them that “he felt good about what he had done,” the complaint said.

Each of the counts Saipov faces carries a maximum sentence of the death penalty, although it’s unclear whether federal prosecutors will seek it.

President Donald Trump caused an small uproar shortly after the attack when he publicly called for capital punishment in Saipov’s case. Legal experts lamented that such a demand could taint a jury pool or otherwise undermine the work of both the prosecutors and Saipov’s defense team.

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Cisco is linking up with Interpol to share data about the cyber criminals it finds on its network

FILE PHOTO -  A man passes an Interpol logo during the handing over ceremony of the new premises for Interpol's Global Complex for Innovation, a research and development facility, in Singapore September 30, 2014. REUTERS/Edgar Su/File Photo - RTSIHYZ

  • On Tuesday, Cisco announced that it will share “cybercrime” data with the international police network Interpol.
  • The data includes information and analysis about security threats that Cisco already aggregates through an existing research arm, Cisco Talos.
  • The company said it won’t share information about customer vulnerabilities. 
  • It’s a warm nod to law enforcement in an industry that generally requires search warrants before it shares any data.


Just one day after Amazon Web Service (AWS) announced a “secret” cloud service for the CIA, another tech company is aligning itself with a government agency.

Cisco will now share “cybercrime” data with the international police network Interpol, the company announced Tuesday. That data includes “threat intelligence” to support Interpol’s work “targeting both ‘pure cybercrime’ and cyber-enabled crimes to assist member countries with identifying cyberattacks and their perpetrators.”

A spokeswoman for the company told Business Insider that Cisco will not share customer data with Interpol, which includes data about individual customer’s networks or security vulnerabilities. 

Cisco is a large provider of enterprise hardware such as routers and switches, which functionally serve as a backbone for the entire internet. This means the company has access to data about some of the world’s largest corporations and governments.

Part of the data shared with Interpol will come from Cisco Talos, an existing security research group that aggregates and analyzes security data. Cisco said its security technology currently blocks 19.7 billion “threats” a day.

US tech companies usually require warrants before sharing data

Despite a charter to be politically neutral, Interpol has been accused of benefiting some countries over others. In October, for example, Russia was allowed to put a British critic of Vladimir Putin on the Interpol’s wanted list in what was widely viewed to be a politically-motivated request. 

Though many tech companies have government agencies as clients, Cisco’s collaboration with Interpol is a big shift from tech’s historic approach to data requests from law enforcement agencies. Companies like Apple and Twitter, for example, generally require warrants before they will share any data with law enforcement.

Cisco, however, is billing this partnership as a necessary step toward tackling global cybersecurity challenges.

John Stewart, senior vice president and chief security officer at Cisco, said in a statement that it’s up to both public and private sectors to address cybersecurity with “equal force.”

“We are pleased to collaborate with Interpol to exchange threat intelligence and find other knowledge-sharing opportunities to fight cybercrime globally,” Stewart said.

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