Morning Docket: 04.24.17

* In the wake of the surprise announcement that Whittier Law School will be closing, the administrations at other schools may feel as though they’ve finally been granted permission to do the same thing. According to Professor Paul Campos, we may see as many as ten more law school close within the next five years. But which ones? [Big Law Business]

* “Their indifference to us as a student body is unacceptable.” Angry Whittier Law students gathered last week to protest their school’s impending closure, demanding answers from the board of trustees as to why the powers that be decided to throw in the towel on their education. We’ll have more on this later today. [Whittier Daily News]

* Two Harvard researchers have found a second parchment manuscript copy of the Declaration of Independence in a records office in England. The only other parchment copy is housed in the National Archives, in Washington, D.C. They speculate that the copy was originally commissioned by James Wilson, who helped draft the Constitution and served as one of the first Supreme Court justices. Awesome find! [Boston Globe]

* The number of transfer students may have dropped from 1,979 to 1,749 between 2015 and 2016, but it’s still a great market for first-year students who are interested in switching schools. After all, high-achieving 1Ls can “easily move to a higher-ranked school, or stay put and get bigger tuition discounts.” So, which law schools accepted the greatest number of transfers? We’ll delve into the details later today. [ABA Journal]

* Charges were dropped against two Maryland teens who were accused of committing a hate crime after allegedly lighting a Trump campaign sign on fire “with discrimination or malice toward a particular group, or someone’s belief.” David Rocah of the Maryland ACLU said the charges were “beyond absurd” and reflected “a profound misunderstanding of what the Maryland hate-crime statute says.” [Baltimore Sun]
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