Morning Docket: 05.11.17

* Johnson & Johnson pushing back against the baby powder cancer verdicts. I thought J&J was the one that wasn’t supposed to cause tears. []

* Nine percent tuition hike in store for this law school. [Inforum]

* While the Comey story has sucked up a lot of attention, civil libertarians are watching West Virginia, where a reporter was arrested for asking a question of the Trump administration. [US News & World Report]

* What was Putin wearing when he gave his thoughts on Comey’s firing? (A) A bear costume; (B) A Russian Air Force Uniform; (C) MAGA Hat; (D) Hockey Gear; (E) Shirtless. [Huffington Post]

* German authorities laugh off Jones Day complaints. [Am Law Daily]

* Fewer meetings makes for a better team. This… apparently isn’t obvious to people yet. [Corporate Counsel]

* Chinese hackers have to pay up for breaches at Cravath and Weil Gotshal. [Big Law Business]

* Judge Kaplan was attacked by a pit bull, but he’s all right now. [Law360]
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