Morning Docket: 06.15.17

* Sometimes you fall for someone who is always jerking you around and the whole thing is just doomed from the start. That’s… probably how Norton Rose feels. [Big Law Business]

* Speaking of Chadbourne, Judge J. Paul Oetken has denied the firm’s motions to end the $100 million gender discrimination class action they’re facing. [Am Law Daily]

* Marcia Coyle points to the tragic coincidence that the Supreme Court is set to review a concealed carry case the day after yesterday’s shooting — mirroring their review of Sandy Hook legislation the day after the Orlando attack. It’s not really a coincidence… there are shootings every day now. []

* A little preview of the hoopla surrounding the upcoming Bristol-Myers Squibb decision where the Supreme Court is suspected to crack down on class action forum choices. Because mom and pop stores like Bristol-Myers Squibb just can’t be bothered to litigate in all the places they sell drugs. [Corporate Counsel]

* Since the NBA Finals weren’t really competitive, maybe you can get your competitive sports fix from this Wilkinson v. Kessler showdown over football. [National Law Journal]

* That Jim Harbaugh is the face of legal aid will never stop being insane. [ESPN]

* Looks like Anna Stubblefield will get a new trial. [Slate]
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