Non-Sequiturs: 06.16.17

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* Cop found not guilty for killing Philando Castile because it’s simply not illegal for cops to kill black men. Maybe this will just sag, like a heavy load. Or maybe explode. [NPR]

* Professor Orin Kerr thinks that self-driving cars will change police strategies. Maybe, but cops will still find a way to murder unarmed black men for automated “menacing” driving or something. [Volokh Conspiracy]

* Hero Pop shows these men of will what will really is. And Trumpsters are “heartbroken.”

* David Lat was on The Takeaway today to talk about the Avengers-level team of witch hunters Robert Mueller has assembled. [The Takeaway]

* Dreamers can stay, their parents must go. This passes for a “victory” in these times. [ABA Journal]

* There’s a scene in Star Trek 3 where Captain Kirk asks Klingon Christopher Lloyd to beam up teenage Spock. The Klingon says no, Kirk asks why, and Lloyd says, “Because you wish it!” Trump’s Cuba reversal, and general political strategy, seems to follow the same logic as Klingon Christopher Lloyd. If Captain Obama wished it, the Trump does not do it. [New York Times]

* Breitbart is covering and promoting a protest in response to the Congressional shooting. A protest of — I’m not making this up — a protest of CNN. Guns don’t kill people, fact-based journalism kills people. [Breitbart]
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