Morning Docket: 06.20.17

* Martin Shkreli’s attorney is frantically trying to undo the damage his client caused on social media. Shkreli is looking to get his bail reduced because of financial hardship… and offering big rewards on social media. For his part, attorney Benjamin Brafman is arguing that the judge just shouldn’t believe Shkreli’s social media claims. I guess this is the “seriously not literally” thing we’ve heard so much about. [Law360]

* With the addition of yet another attorney, this time Elizabeth Prelogar — a former Miss Idaho actually — Robert Mueller’s investigation of Donald Trump is now officially a Biglaw firm.

* Are firms giving clients a good deal… or just a better deal than the inflated prices they advertise? [Corporate Counsel]

* More professors join the gender discrimination suit against Denver Law School. []

* Norton Rose Fulbright tries to get its mind of the troubled Chadbourne merger… by executing another merger. [Legal Week]

* On that note, should Biglaw generally step back and question the wisdom of mergers? [Am Law Daily]

* What are you willing to wager that the FTC blocks the daily fantasy sports merger? [Litigation Daily]
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