Morning Docket: 06.22.17

* Donald Trump told a rally that “the time has come” for a law banning immigrants from getting welfare. Now all he needs is a time machine to go back to 1996 when this law was actually passed. [The Hill]

* If you’re hoping to score an in-house legal position, it looks like you’re in luck — corporate counsel offices expect to keep hiring as they continue to internalize more and more work. []

* Texting while driving is now legal in Colorado. OMG. LOL. [Explosion Emoji] [Fox 31]

* Companies should continue their efforts to comply with the FCPA even though Trump called the law “absolutely crazy.” Because you should take him seriously not literally or what have you. [Corporate Counsel]

* Here’s how important a website is to your small or solo legal practice — this firm didn’t even exist and it got clients because of its web design. [Houston Chronicle]

* Charlotte School of Law has until August to prove that it’s financially viable. [News & Observer]
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