Non-Sequiturs: 07.10.17

* The biggest Biglaw story today is that New York’s “summer of hell” has started. Amtrak promises that Penn Station will be fixed by Labor Day. But if the repairs linger into the fall, I promise you the extra commute will be the straw that breaks the back of Manhattan lawyers who live outside the five boroughs. [NPR]

* I’m really conflicted about America’s response to the “opioid crisis.” On the one hand, treating drug addiction like a sickness instead of a crime is clearly the right way to go. This first of its kind “Opioid Court” in Buffalo is a fantastic idea. On the other hand, black people have been suffering from addiction for years, and far from caring about it, white people have used drugs as an excuse to murder us and incarcerate us. NOW that some white girls are hooked, y’all want to give a crap? Can it be a really laudable evolution if it’s covered in racist hypocrisy? [NBC News]

* I learned a new racial epithet, courtesy of the Brexit people. [Independent]

* When the headline reads “Lawyer is reprimanded over penis amputation suit” I have to include it. Because I am a grown man and not a ten-year-old. [ABA Journal]

* The Miami Marlins are suing season ticket holders who renege on long term contracts. I say again, the Marlins are suing their own fans. The fact that this franchise has won two championships in the last 20 years is all the proof I need that God does not give a f**k about sports. [Miami New Times]

* In other sports news, Chris Christie is auditioning to fill Mike Francesca’s sports talking spot this week on WFAN. Christie will be GREAT at: framing every athletic competition in terms of moral struggle, secretly schilling for the interests of billionaire owners over the rights of their employees, and belittling and humiliating people who call in to express their opinion. Christie will be better at this than anything he’s done before. [Deadspin]

* Louisiana police officer is suing… #BlackLivesMatter over the police ambush that left three officers dead. It should be noted that the person who shot the police officers was brought to swift and brutal justice, while the officers who shot and killed: Michael Brown, Eric Garner, Tamir Rice, Walter Scott, Kieth Lamont Scot, Jamar Clark, Jordan Davis, Philando Castille, Laquan McDonald, Terence Crutcher, and Alton Sterling are still running around here free to sue whoever they want. [CNN]

* I try to bother you with Alt-Right news only on Friday, but I had to check in with how they’re handling the Don Trump Jr. “of course I tried to collude with the Russians” revelation. Here, the New York Post calls the story a “yawn,” because apparently everybody would naturally try to collude with a foreign government if they promises dirt on their political opponents. So the Post says they were just talking about the Magnitsky Act and Russian adoptions. Thing is, Russia’s adoption policy was retaliation for sanctions against it contained in the Magnitsky Act. So by talking “adoptions” they really were talking “sanctions,” WHICH THEY WEREN’T SUPPOSED TO DO. [New York Post]
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