Morning Docket: 08.10.17

* New York hits Avvo over its marketing fees. I know some bar association lawyers who are about to get some bad Avvo ratings. []

* The feds were trying to work Paul Manafort’s son-in-law. That’s… not good news for Manafort. [Politico]

* Meanwhile, some folks are trying to find an ethical conflict on the part of Bob Mueller, which is probably the only endeavor more doomed than health care repeal. [Law360]

* Speaking of ethics, is it ethical to ghostwrite cert oppositions to hide from the justices? [National Law Journal / Supreme Court Brief]

* Louisiana required a birth certificate to get married. Past tense is key here. [CBS News]

* Judge slaps down one sanctuary city lawsuit. Another still on the horizon. [Texas Tribune]

* The most interesting thing about this right of publicity case against Facebook is that someone used the phrase “country rap” with a straight face. [The Recorder]
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