It’s Good To Remember That There Are Fates Worse Than Death

HERE ARE THE RUTH BADER GINSBURG BABY BIBS YOU’VE ALWAYS WANTED: I want to have another kid so I can buy these things. Just kidding. That first sentence was a total lie. I don’t want any additional children. I’d rather jump into the Lake of Fire than have more children. Everybody is reading about the bibs here.

A BIGLAW FIRM BUILT ITS OWN VIDEO GAME ABOUT… EFFICIENCY? I think hell would be firing up my PlayStation, looking for Madden or Witcher or something, and finding only practice management video games built by Biglaw firms. But, in the context of a conference exhibit hall, it’s pretty great. Read about Seyfarth Shaw’s innovations here.

HELL MIGHT ALSO BE WORKING WITH NEIL GORSUCH FOR THE REST OF YOUR LIFE: Kathryn Rubino collects some of the reports detailing a budding feud between Neil Gorsuch and Elena Kagan on the Supreme Court. Then she writes the saddest sentence ever: “Even if they don’t like it, Kagan and Gorsuch have to work together for the rest of their lives.” There is no God. Read the full story here.

DONALD TRUMP IS SENTENCING US TO 40 YEARS OF SUFFERING: His lower court judicial nominations are going to make America a desiccated hellscape long after he’s gone. Read why I’m not surprised here.

DEATH, THE SWEET RELEASE OF DEATH: Would be the best thing to happen for the current NFL Collective Bargaining Agreement. If Colin Kaepernick were the one to kill it, he’d have a bigger impact than any player since Curt Flood. Read about his long shot chance here.
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