Non-Sequiturs: 10.20.17

* Harvard Law School is conducting a mental health survey. But will the respondents answer with candor? [Law and More]

* Transitions are hard, if not almost impossible to pull off. David Boies is eager to help his firm outlive him. [Big Law Business]

* Friday Fun Fact: Donald Trump’s campaign is spending $1 of every $10 donated on legal fees. [CNN]

* Highlights on a legal ethics course taught through collaborative learning. [Just Resolutions]

* That time Cy Vance took a donation right before a letting someone slide without charges. No, not that time. Or that time. This is a new time. [CBS News]

* Boalt law student defends the clone troopers for executing all the Jedi. Still no one able to defend George Lucas for making the prequels. [Legal Geeks]

* Congrats to Fix the Court for getting some transparency by securing an audio stream of this morning’s D.C. Circuit argument. [Fix the Court]
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