Morning Docket: 04.08.19

* “There needs to be some kind of ongoing legislative inquiry—whether for impeachment or something else [to release grand jury material.” If you’re eager to get your hands on the full Mueller report, you may have to wait a bit longer thanks to this D.C. Circuit case. [Big Law Business]

* Meanwhile, during part of a weekend tweetstorm, President Donald Trump said that “even though [he] [has] every right to do so,” he’s not yet read the Mueller report. But even if he does read it in the future, it’s unlikely he’ll change his “complete and total exoneration” tune. [Slate]

* In the wake of recent accusations of inappropriate touching, the way former Vice President Joe Biden handled Anita Hill’s sexual harassment claims against Justice Clarence Thomas’s dramatic confirmation hearing is coming back to bite him. [CNN]

* Department of Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen resigned on Sunday, effective immediately. According to a senior administration official, the UVA Law alumnus said the President was “making unreasonable and even impossible requests” about the border. [CBS News]

* Weekend at Ruthie’s? Windmill cancer experts Conspiracy theorists think that Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg has been dead for quite some time and Democrats are covering it up to prevent President Trump from taking her seat. [The Hill]

* Congratulations to Justice Christopher McDonald, the first person of color to serve on the Iowa Supreme Court. McDonald, “an immigrant’s son,” says he’s “deep[ly] concern[ed]” with racial justice issues. [Des Moines Register]
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